We are delighted to introduce to you our newest advisor, Lillian Secelela Madeje from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Lillian is a co-founder and Managing Director of Ekihya, a consulting company that works hand in hand with businesses in building processes and systems to increase efficiencies in their operation.

In 2016, she co-created Bits & Bytes Tech conference which focuses on how innovation and technology ideas can build better communities and transform the various plethora of our society. Through the past 4 years, the conference has had over 2,000 participants, showcased 60 solutions and impacted over 230 entrepreneurs through various partnerships.

As of 2017, she has launched an online employability platform called Niajiri Platform that already boasts 5000 registered Tanzanian users who get access to employability skills. An expert in Qualitative research methodology and facilitation, Lillian has run projects around the world. We are very happy to welcome Lillian to the team!!

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